Twice the citizen, 85% the soldier (sun_tzu) wrote,
Twice the citizen, 85% the soldier

Lives In Boxes

As long as I've been keeping this journal, my life has undergone a lot of change - uprooting, thinking I was settled, realizing I wasn't, wondering what would ever happen. Every time I've moved home - at least until the semi-move to my current lodgings, it's been a chaotic, poorly planned hustle, largely dependent on the grace of others who skillfully made up for my failure to plan or prepare or be remotely organized to deal with the process.

As a result, over time, I've accumulated tremendous volumes of "stuff" - remnants of all of those past places in my life, and as I'm unpacking here in a place I think will likely be home for quite a long time - or at least until such time as a move which involves professional packers and movers - I'm forced, finally, to try to thin out this collection of things amassed.

I'm not talking hoarder grade piles of stuff, but a fair quantity of things packed hastily into totes and boxes. I'm finding things that should have been tossed a long time ago, but also things that I'm not sure what to make of, things that will likely just get repacked and shoved into closets.

Why do we accumulate so much stuff with sentimental - but not real - value? And how do we work to rid ourselves of it?

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