Twice the citizen, 85% the soldier (sun_tzu) wrote,
Twice the citizen, 85% the soldier

Such a nice day - starting Month Four living here.

This is my last month with a salary at work, actually, it's not even the whole month, it lasts another four weeks, then I'm on commission. I'm a bit nervous about that, but I think it'll be alright. I'll have the first rent cheque any day now to put some of away, I have some referrals that will pay out on that last cheque to make it bigger as well. The trick I've discovered is that there's something of a glitch. The way our payroll system works, it's damned near impossible to actually get anything in the first pay cycle on commission. So even though I actually did a really great deal that will close just in time, I won't actually see the proceeds until the end of May. It's a drag, but it's one I'll endure since I think I'm going to do well in this job. Of course, because I hedge my bets well, I have a second meeting with a competitor. It's not one with nearly as strong a brand - but it offers the advantage of a combination of salary and commission - so there's something always coming - it's only a base of $40,000 per year - non-negotiable, everyone in the role across the country gets the same amount - but basically the guy who manages them in Nova Scotia told me that if you're not making over $100M you're going to get sacked for not doing enough. That's really what I'd expect to make either way, I'd hope. Otherwise I've come to the wrong place.

I've actually started thinking longer term again too - for years, I've really regretted not having pursued the idea of going to law school, and then when I got stuck into having a job and paying off loans and that sort of thing, I never really considered it again. Then I learned that it's actually possible to attend law school part time - it's rare, but Dalhousie has about 10 part time students in their faculty of law right now. The advantage of the job I'm in now is that if I can get a good pipeline of business built, I can quite possibly manage to make enough free time to commit to the program. It's possible, so I'm going to look into it - I have the grades, I have the ability to justify my desire to go (was working on some of those ideas today while I washed my car), and I think I can make the time part work - we'll see. It would be of value to my current profession if nothing else, I know that the Bank takes on articling law students to work with the Trust business, with our legal department, and so on - and it relates well to financial planning anyhow.

Things are going to get interesting here as soon as tomorrow night. My parents planned to try to get to Maine today, and if they make it, they'll be home tomorrow most likely - depending of course on what part of Maine they get to anyhow. I'm not sure how this cohabiting thing is going to be - it may suffice to help us get a place sooner if they decide they don't want us here too long - but we'll see. We'll need a lot of weekend trips, I think - but that's not a real problem here, there's much of this province I have to explore still - haven't been to Digby, Yarmouth or any of the South Shore beyond Lunenburg before. Haven't done the Marine Drive beyond the turnoff for Antigonish, and that was a long time ago, and I'd like to go back to Cape Breton some more, the weekend we spent there a couple of years ago was only just a start after being there so much as a kid...
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