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There's Got To Be A Harder Way

(and if there is I'll find it...)

Twice the citizen, 85% the soldier
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Well I guess what I had for user info here - for a bio - was totally out of date and it's time to update it a little.

I'm 28 years old, an Infantry Officer in the Army Reserve, and a financial planner. I'm sick of financial planning and working on a significant career change - or coming to terms with just going into the Regular Force instead of the Reserves but I have a number of compelling reasons not to. I don't seem to use this as much as I used to - and I don't know that it's necessarily very interesting, but I guess every once in a while I hit on something good to post about and it draws some attention... However it's mainly a way to get out stuff I can't articulate - so if it's rambling at times or non-sensical, well, that happens.

As for the username, Sun Tzu was the greatest military philosopher ever, his book the Art of War gave guidance to the leaders of Chinese dynasties and its wisdom continues to be passed down today, not only to warriors but to all humanity. It's one of the books I refer to a lot.
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