Twice the citizen, 85% the soldier (sun_tzu) wrote,
Twice the citizen, 85% the soldier

Into 2013

Well, I think I'm going to wind up putting this journal back into use, because I need somewhere to write about stuff that I don't need to connect to other places. Not that I hide all that much or anything, but this has always been more of me telling my stories than opining much on things or ranting and raving or whatever. And yet, for all the social media outlets I use, they're not really connected. Unless I invite people to connect them. I wonder how easily someone cold put all the puzzle pieces together on me...

In the style of Rene Artois (of Allo Allo fame), as you will remember, I got home from Afghanistan at the end of October to a lot of uncertainty and what was basically a lot of discomfort. I actually was worried I was slipping into some sort of rut of depression actually. I spent every moment that the weather was good on my motorcycle. That actually was a sort of catalyst for my realizing something was wrong. When finally I put it away, I was pretty much miserable. I could barely motivate myself to do anything, actually, and I was frustrated with the work situation. I went back to doing what I was doing before my tour, sort of anyhow, but I just didn't have the motivation for it. I didn't want to be there, I couldn't get going at anything. I realized that wasn't going to work.

So I panicked, but in ways I can never explain but am always grateful for, things seem to mostly have worked out.

When we moved to Nova Scotia in January 2010, it was sort of an experiment. We came hoping we could make a go of it, that we'd find good jobs, make lots of friends, and build a life there. While we have certainly made great friends the career picture hasn't totally panned out and for where I want to go for the future it isn't likely to, so I realized I had to start looking more broadly for work, and I started warming up old contacts in Ontario. It seemed the natural course. We still own a condo there, we have lots of friends there, and while I will miss a lot about Halifax, well, there's plenty of reason to move on.

At the end of December I traveled to Ontario for a week and met as many people as I could, and returned with a job offer, remarkably close to where I worked before actually. I have some other leads I'm still chasing, but this one seems like it could work out and I'm going to go and give it a try.

For January, faced with a 100% commission job and no leads, I decided to quit my job and I took an army callout which has kept me in the Ottawa area, living in a hotel, and doing a job I'm totally not qualified for but which I'm learning quickly. It is sort of interesting stuff, I'm LOCON (which means, I think, "lower control" for a huge joint military exercise - the training audience is the very highest level of the Canadian military, planning and executing a massive operation in a fictitious country with a very complicated series of political, social, economic, and security problems. What we're doing is playing one of the units deployed, getting tasks from the higher command, planning and executing them, and injecting things into their process (chucking spanners into the works, really). It's interesting stuff, though sometimes tedious between network problems, waiting for things to happen, and so on. And it's run in a SECRET environment so I can't take any electronics in to amuse myself. I've been doing lots of crosswords and learning to play sudoku instead, when I'm not doing actual work, which comes in fit and starts.

So, I go back to Halifax this week, and spend a couple of weeks there getting ready to move, and then I take off. We move back into the condo March 1, after giving our tenants the nicest, friendliest boot we could (and hoping they leave the place in good nick), and life goes on. I'll be back to NS in April to get my motorcycle, and hopefully, within about six months I'll start making good money in this new job, all the while keeping my eye out for new things. Joy has to make the drive from NS to Ontario herself with the cats (because I have to be in Ontario for training) but I think she'll be alright, it's not that rough and she need not rush). We're splurging on proper movers, too, which should help. It's worth the money in my view.

So, here's to 2013 being a better year than 2012. Though it'll mostly be hard, it was pretty good year. And, on with the show.
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