Twice the citizen, 85% the soldier (sun_tzu) wrote,
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It's So Much Easier Updating From A Real Computer

I have the LJ iPhone app, but nothing in the world seems more annoying than typing out a post from there. I've been spending far more time writing 140 character polemics on Twitter anyhow than I have on LJ, but I've had this for nine years - NINE YEARS - and figure I shouldn't just outright stop. It's been a crazy year having come to Nova Scotia, but things are starting to gel reasonably well. The condo in Oshawa is rented to great tenants that I don't think are going anywhere any time soon, which is great. I'm not able to even think about selling it for now, but at least I'm generating some income from it (and a tax-deductible rental loss as well, which is helping cut down how much I have to pay The Man every year. Fair enough I'd prefer a profit, but for the time being I'll take what I can get.

The year had highs and lows for me, getting used to the whole idea of working on commission, but I did finish off making more money with my main job than I ever did before, and that's always a good thing. It wasn't the best year I've ever had because I brought in less from the military than usual, but that's okay as well, I'm better off overall, and despite some anxiety from time to time about what's coming in to get paid on, I think things are going well.

May 1st we're going to be back to having our own place. Sharing a house with my parents for the summer wasn't awful, but it's going to be nice to be closer to Halifax. Rather than the big aspirations we had about building a house we've settled on the idea of getting an apartment reasonably close to to work, probably in Clayton Park West, which is sort of a "suburb" of Halifax proper - it's off the peninsula, but has everything - and it's about 15-20 minutes to downtown anyhow. At the end of April, the lease is up on the Rabbit we have, and we've got no need of replacing it if we move that close to work - we only got a second car because of conflicting work schedules, and that turned out to be an expensive mistake in the long run anyhow... Between that being gone, the savings on fuel from cutting our commute down dramatically, the savings on car insurance (though it is, for all intents and purposes, free in Nova Scotia), and the end of a special assessment on the condo back in Ontario, we're going to have most of the rent covered anyhow... and 10-12 hours of our life recovered by not having that awful drive.

So I'll be back to Ontario in the next few weeks to plan out moving all our stuff out of storage there out to NS, and trying to coordinate it all - we'll have the luxury of being able to overlap our time, not being forced into moving basically, which helps with planning. It is, though, a drag to have to basically replace all our furniture we sold before we moved.

I have, in the last year, developed a new addiction, one that being closer to the city will help. Back in August, Joy decided she wanted to try hot yoga and wanted me to come. We found out that a local studio, Moksha Yoga Halifax, offered a "karma class" which was a PWYC class with the proceeds to charity. What better way to try something new out? I was hooked, instantly. I can't really explain why, but not only is it a pretty good workout, it's a stress outlet, a relaxation thing, it's just amazing. Being closer to town, and buying, as I plan to, an unlimited pass for a year should see me spending a lot more time there, and that's got to be good for me.
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