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Although it was only nine days or so, just back from a great little vacation, a 3800 km roadtrip through four provinces and four states. It was interesting being in Toronto as a tourist, and discovered something rather cool while there. It's called CityPass, and for $60 + tax you get tickets to the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Ontario Science Centre, Casa Loma, and the Toronto Zoo. We got 4 of 5, missing Casa Loma, and it was more than worth the expense.

I did enjoy driving back through New England. Vermont was in particular very nice, I spent some time there skiing when I was younger but hadn't really paid much attention driving through there a couple of times in the summer. In fact, I'd like to go back and spend more time there, it was really beautiful, and Burlington in particular was really nice, especially when you are staying at the Hilton for next to nothing.

The other really neat thing we did was drive the Mount Washington Auto Road. We've all seen the tacky stickers but now I understand why there is a bit of pride in making the trip - it's quite an adventure to drive a windy eight mile narrow road with an average 12% grade and no guardrails. Sadly the peak was shrouded in clouds, but that was a surreal experience in its own right.

Now that I'm back to work, it feels like forever I've been gone, and this week will be rather interesting given that I have my license suspended for a week because of a speeding ticket back in January. Loads of fun.

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