Twice the citizen, 85% the soldier (sun_tzu) wrote,
Twice the citizen, 85% the soldier

Sorry for all the silence...

I realize I don't keep up on posting much but I do read often. I think the instant gratification of Twitter has somewhat hindered things - that and I've just been altogether too busy to write much lately.

In the end I didn't take the new job, I decided to stay put and push ahead with what's on now. In reality that was probably the best course and I think I did it in such a way as not to burn bridges for the future. I am now, as a result, no longer a salaryman. Fortunately other than an awkward transition period for May (including a large sale that didn't close in time to get in to payroll in time to get paid) I have lined up enough business to keep things running at least for the next few months and there's been some good referrals coming in. So I'm feeling a little more confident overall.

I hope it picks up quick though because this cohabitation thing has a very, very limited lifespan. It's just not long term sustainable. However I can see that if things keep picking up like they are now that we will probably be in a position to move on before long. All we have to do is endure until the winter when the elders go back to Arizona.

We'll endure one more winter of a shite commute and if the stars align right as soon as the ground thaws we should be able to start building once we pick out a piece of land. That will be excellent.

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